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    The program consists of four steps, as follows:

    Companies/Organizations apply and register to participate in CISM program through the Corporate Integrity System Malaysia (CISM) portal.

    Application Platform
    Companies/Organizations application and registration processes of the Corporate Integrity System Malaysia (CISM) program is conducted entirely online through the CISM portal platform, accessed at the registration site.

    Application Eligibility
    This program is open to all companies/organizations registered and incorporated and conducts business in Malaysia.

    There are no costs or fees charged to the company/organization to participate in this program.

    Program Suitability
    The program is flexible and can adapt to various categories and sizes of companies/organizations registered and incorporated and doing business in Malaysia.

    Participation in this program is a voluntary action, but it is strongly encouraged. By registering, the company/organization expresses its intention and agrees to receive advises from CISM parties from time to time, especially on the implementation of the proposed anti-corruption initiatives.

    CISM Program Briefing

    Companies/organizations can still apply to attend briefing sessions referred to the CISM program through:
    1. CISM official email at cip@sprm.gov.my
    2. Contact the CISM hotline 03-88911827

    This briefing session will include information related to the introduction to CISM, implementation process, CISM initiatives, etc.

    Supporting document

    To complete the application and registration process, companies/organizations must upload supporting documents through the CISM portal to enable the registration process for CISM program participation.
    1. Application letter from the company/organization
    2. The signed application form
    3. Latest corporate information from the Companies Commission of Malaysia
    4. Complete CISM Initiative Implementation Checklist

    Companies/Organizations have been given a period to develop and implement 7 CISM Initiatives based on the CISM Initiative Implementation Checklist.

    CISM initiative

    The implementation of CISM initiatives includes 7 key initiatives through the preparation of relevant policies.
    1. Leadership
    2. Code of Ethics
    3. Anti-Corruption Policy
    4. Corruption Risk Management
    5. Training and Communication
    6. Performance Evaluation
    7. Anti-Corruption Reporting

    The company/organization must provide all these initiatives. However, implementing policies related to the Declaration of Assets and Anti-Corruption Reporting is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged.

    Period of completing CISM initiatives

    The implementation of this process is within a maximum period of 2 years from the date of application.

    Reference source

    Companies/Organizations can seek advice and consultation from any Round Table Members of the Corporate Integrity System Malaysia (CISM) or other parties who have expertise in helping to implement the initiative.

    Companies/Organizations are required to update the implementation status of CISM initiatives through the CISM Portal every 3 months from the date of registration approval until the overall performance reaches 100%.

    This process is called a self-monitoring process for the implementation of the CISM Initiative through online.

    Companies/Organizations need to update the CISM Initiative Checklist based on the policies provided from time to time.

    Through the CISM Initiative Checklist, companies/organizations can find out the latest achievements for implementing the initiative. And then, the company/organization will develop the CISM Initiative, which knows not even been prepared.

    Duration of the monitoring process

    A reminder email regarding the update of the CISM Initiative Checklist will be generated automatically by the CISM Portal every 3 months for 2 years from the date of the application is approved.

    This process should be monitor by company/organization officials who deal with matters assigned to integrity and governance.

    Cancellation of application

    Companies/Organizations that do not complete the CISM Initiative Implementation Checklist within 2 years will be removed from the application list.

    If the application cancelled, the email notification will be sent to the administrator of the company/organization. And if the company/organization is still interested in participating in this program, it can apply by re-registration on the CISM Portal.

    The Corporate Integrity System Malaysia (CISM) will issue a program Certificate of Participation through the CISM Portal platform after the company/organization meets all the requirements of the CISM initiatives set and the overall performance reaches 100%.

    To complete the award process, the company/organization must meet the following process:

    1. Complete the implementation of the CISM Initiative
    The company/organization has completed the implementation of the CISM initiative and achieved 100% overall performance. Companies/organizations must upload the CISM initiative checklist and a summary of the overall performance of the implementation of the CISM initiative for the 100% performance indicator through the CISM portal.

    2. Obtained top management certification
    The implementation of the CISM initiative requires the certification of the top management or an administrative body of the company/organization to enable the certificate of participation to submit to the company/organization. The company/organization must upload the top management certificate that has been signed through the CISM portal. In addition, it is still recommended the company/organization obtain the support of a certificate from the auditor of the company/organization (if necessary).

    3. Corporate Integrity Pledge Template
    Upload a Corporate Integrity Pledge template that has been signed by the Head of the company/organization or top management.

    Approval from CISM Portal

    Approval of the application for the award process will be issued through the CISM Portal within 14 working days. If the application is approved, the company/organization will receive an email notification, and a certificate of participation will be generated through the CISM portal.