1. Pending (Belum Selesai)
    Applicant have not submitted the necessary supporting documents.

    2. In Process (Sedang Diproses)
    CISM has received the application together with supporting documents and is processing the application. Applicant is not allowed to make any changes in the account for 14 days or before the application result is out.

    3. Revert (Dikembalikan)
    CISM requires additional information for the application process. Applicant should provide feedback within 5 days.

    4. Rejected (Ditolak)
    Application is not successful and rejected. Applications can be rejected due to the following reasons:

    • False information
    • Incomplete information
    • Applicant’s failure to provide feedback within 5 working days

    5. Approved (Diluluskan)
    Application successful and approved. CIP signatories can update their achievement by responding to the CISM Initiatives Implementation Checklist. This process is a self-declaration by the CIP signatories. CIP signatories, especially the organization’s Top Officials as well as appointed administrative personnel, are fully responsible for the information provided throughout the implementation process. CIP signatories are required to complete this process within 2 years from the date of application approval.

    6. Completed (Selesai)
    The CIP signatory achieved 100% completion based on the CISM Initiatives Implementation Checklist.

    7. Incomplete within 2 years (Tidak selesai dalam 2 tahun)
    CIP signatory failed to complete the CISM Initiative Implementation Checklist within 2 years or did not achieve 100% of the Checklist. CIP signatory could not continue the process. CIP signatory should contact the CISM Portal administrator and submit the application again.