Involvement in CISM is voluntary and is undertaken by Malaysian companies and organizations to fight corruption. Through involvement in CISM, organizations and companies agree to uphold 5 Anti-Corruption Principles for Companies in Malaysia as follows:

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    Principle 1 – Commitment to promote values of integrity, transparency, accountability and good corporate governance

    • Disallowing any forms of corruption, directly or indirectly
    • Ensuring full compliance with Code of Ethics at all times
    • Recognizing and rewarding those with high integrity and ethics
    • Cultivating a positive working culture that prioritizes integrity
    • Increasing a safe complaints channel that can easily be accessed by all members and parties in lodging corruption complaints

    Principle 2 – Strengthening internal systems that support corruption prevention

    • Developing corruption prevention programs to explain corruption prevention values, policies and procedures
    • Reviewing existing system and procedures to avoid all forms of corruption
    • Holding continuous internal audit to avoid misuse of allocation and assets
    • Organizing corruption prevention programs to increase ethics and integrity through training

    Principle 3 – Compliance to laws, policies and procedures relating to fighting corruption

    • Ensuring compliance of all corruption-related legislation, policies and procedures
    • Ensuring implementation and monitoring of good governance as well as transparency and responsibility in management of businesses to avoid conflict of interest, abuse of power and misconduct.

    Principle 4 – Fight any forms of corrupt practice

    • Zero tolerance against any corrupt practices by any employees or parties without taking into consideration position and status
    • Reporting corruption offences that occur in business premises to the relevant authorities.

    Principle 5 – Support corruption prevention initiatives by the Malaysian Government and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)

    • Supporting corruption prevention campaign by the government and MACC
    • Giving full cooperation to the authorities, regulatory agencies and MACC concerning corruption prevention and enforcement of legislation in fighting corruption
    • Supporting all MACC corruption prevention initiatives
    • Organizing continuous corruption prevention efforts through the establishment of a special committee or Integrity Compliance Department
    • Fostering a close rapport with the authorities and MACC
    • Holding continuous training modules on corruption prevention, ethics and integrity